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"What am I supposed to do?! I've been awkward since I was born!"
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So I deleted my Tinder. I decided it’s just not for me.

It may have been slightly affected by the fact that the guy I went on a date with a week ago was incredibly rude to me afterwards. The day after our date, he asked me to come over and if I would be uncomfortable if his roommates were drunk and/or high “because they will be lol” and I said yes. He proceeded to very rudely question what my problem with alcohol was. I decided not to answer, but I didn’t block him (yet).

Yesterday, he texted me out of nowhere to tell me that I needed to start working out because my “midsection is ballooning and it’s going to continue” if I don’t do something about it. To which I replied, “I’m content with my body and I’m not going to change just because someone told me to.” He then proceeded to tell me “Also it’s impossible to find someone that doesn’t drink. Just fyi” (IMPOSSIBLE YOU SAY. THEN WHY DO I AND NEARLY EVERY PERSON IM CLOSE TO NOT DRINK??????) That’s when I blocked his number. Still trying to figure out how to delete him off snapchat.


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140912 HEX SIGN in Hungary

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5 years old Yongguk playing with his hula hoop

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I was initially planning on being a casual fan, but then I thought, why not just let it consume my soul instead? 

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Send me a stereotype about my country and I will tell you if it applies to me.


For the rebloggers: Make sure to put your country’s name in the tags UvU

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im pretty sure bromance is the perfect example of how embarrassingly fragile masculinity is. you know what a female bromance is called? a friendship 

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yes we get it jimin.

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Jin (Bangtan Boys) Official Fancafe Update Selca

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we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

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